PhD Student

Investigating patterns of T cell singalling (PhD)

Supervisor’s name:
Prof. Katharina (Kat) Gaus
Dr Jesse Goyette

Megan Farrell is currently undertaking a PhD in biophysics in the lab of CI Prof. Kat Gaus and Dr Jesse Goyette in the Single Molecule Science at the UNSW Node.

Megan achieved her Bachelor degree in Biomedical Science with a specialisation in Immunology from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. She was interested in interdisciplinary research and decided to pursue a PhD in biophysics. Consequently, Megan focuses her research on studying T cell signalling using physics and computational methods.

In her PhD, Megan has developed a novel super-resolution technique termed Protein PAINT. She will continue in her PhD using this technique to compare the differences between patterns of signalling protein recruitment and the subsequent cellular outcomes in T cells and CAR T cells.

Megan is supported by a University International Postgraduate Award, awarded to her by the University of New South Wales. Moving forward, Megan is interested in pursuing a research career and hopes to enter a postdoctorate position upon completion of her PhD.

Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Immunology)

Research Theme:
Molecular Imaging of T Cell Activation