Rossjohn Lab job opportunity

Prof. Jamie Rossjohn FAA FLSW, ARC Australian Laureate Fellow & Head, Infection and Immunity Theme, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, seeks talented T-cell immunologists to join his research group under the auspices of the recently awarded ARC Laureate Fellowship. The selected candidates will pioneer new areas of T-cell biology, in the context of lipid and metabolite-mediated immunity, at Monash University, Clayton campus.

The Rossjohn laboratory has provided profound insight into T-cell biology, specifically defining the basis of key immune recognition events by T-cells, spanning peptide, lipid and metabolite immunity, both in the context of protective and aberrant immunity. Many researchers within the laboratory have secured National Fellowships, Grants and Awards.

For more details on the research themes, fellowships awarded and publication outputs see,

The applicants should hold a PhD, have a proven track record in the field of T-cell immunology, and be sufficiently self-motivated to pioneer new areas of Immunity. Candidates with a promising track record in the relevant areas and a proven publication record in international journals are encouraged to apply.

Appointment will be made at a level appropriate to the successful applicant’s qualifications, experience and in accordance with classification standards for each level.

Salary range:
Level A $81,486 – $87,471
Level B $92,074 – $109,339 or
Level C $112,789 – $130,054
Duration:   Position  – up to 5 years.
Location:    Clayton Campus
Closing Date: 15th December  2016

Please direct all enquiries to Jennifer Huynh ( or Jamie.Rossjohn (