Laura McKay CoE AI – Development and function of tissue resident lymphocytes

Presenter: Laura Mackay, Doherty Institute, The University of Melbourne
Date: Tuesday 5 April 2016
Time: 12-1pm
Level 3 Seminar Room
15 Innovation Walk
Clayton campus



Tissue-resident memory T (Trm) cells provide local immune protection in peripheral tissues such as the skin and mucosa. We show that CD8 +CD103+ Trm cells, independent of circulating memory T cells are sufficient for protection against infection and we describe the molecular mechanisms that underpin the formation of this distinct T cell population. We find that Trm cell maturation relies on regulatory cues that are distinct from those driving circulating memory T cells, and critically, that Trm cells acquire a unique transcriptional profile during differentiation. Further, we have identified a “universal” transcriptional signature of tissue-residency that extends beyond the T cell lineage, and is shared between adaptive and innate lymphocytes at both epithelial and non-epithelial sites.

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