PhD Student

Monash University

PhD Student in the Rossjohn Laboratory at the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute 

Supervisor’s name:

Prof. Jamie Rossjohn

Lisa Ciacchi is a biomedical scientist based at the Monash BDI, passionate about using a multi-disciplinary approach to answering fundamental questions in immunology.

Lisa has achieved a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Biomedical Science completing majors in Immunology and Genetics and Molecular Biology, with a minor in Chemistry at Monash University. In 2017, she obtained First Class Honours in Biomedical Science working under the supervision of Prof. Jamie Rossjohn and Dr Stephanie Gras, researching the molecular basis underlying CD4+ T cell recognition of a highly conserved HIV peptide presented in the context of HLA class II molecules belonging to HIV controllers.

She is currently studying her PhD in the Rossjohn lab and employs a combination of techniques including molecular biology (i.e. cloning, mutagenesis, single-cell TCR sequencing), protein expression (i.e. bacterial, mammalian, insect), protein purification (i.e. multiple chromatographic methods), structural biology (i.e. X-ray crystallography and computational methods for solving protein structures), biophysical techniques (e.g. surface plasmon resonance), cellular biology (i.e. retroviral gene transduction, tetramer staining, FACS).

Lisa is supported by a Monash Biomedicine Postgraduate Discovery Scholarship. She intends to build upon her skills and expertise, and progress her research career both locally and internationally.

Bachelor of Science (Immunology & Genetics and Molecular Biology) |Bachelor of Biomedical Science Honours

Research Theme:
Imaging Peptide-Mediated Immunity