Igniting innovation at the Imaging CoE Summit 2015

Providing platforms to connect researchers, communicate discoveries and ensure that needs are being met in the field of immunology is key to the Imaging CoE’s role as an interdisciplinary research centre. In this endeavour, the annual Imaging CoE Summit will be held at the National Synchrotron Science Building, Clayton, on 9-10 November 2015.

Bringing together the Centre’s many disciplines and facilitating the integration of ideas, the two-day symposium will feature an array of presentations and posters from each of its research groups (including collaborators from Europe and North America), as well as insightful talks from Professors of Physics Jose-Maria Carazo and Volker Saile of the International Scientific Advisory Committee.

Another highlight will be the DIY lens workshop on 9th November – where attendees will be shown how to make a polymer lens that can be strapped onto smartphones. The images taken with these ‘mobile microscopes’ will be entered into a competition, which will run for a month, with a prize for the most innovative scientific photo. The photos will also be used creatively at future Imaging CoE events and on the Centre’s website, collateral and annual report.

The Summit provides a stimulating opportunity to foster innovation in biomedical imaging, and to celebrate the ongoing work of the Centre. It likewise offers a unique chance to share both research successes and failures – an extremely valuable knowledge-building exercise. By popular demand, the programme also dedicates a generous amount of free time for general scientific discussions. Finally, the Imaging CoE’s Annual General Meeting will formally review the Centre’s progress over the past year, and all staff, students and postdocs are welcome to attend.

As many staff and students as possible are encouraged to attend the Summit and partake in the workshop, presentations and poster sessions. The Centre is providing financial assistance to AIs, postdocs and students wishing to attend, so please contact your CI or the Chief Operating Officer, Dr Manoj Sridhar, for further information.

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Abstract submission deadline for talks and posters is Wednesday, 30 September 2015 (For Centre students, postdocs, AIs only).