PhD Student

Immune regulation of gamma-delta T cells (PhD)

Supervisor’s name:

Prof. Dale Godfrey
Prof. Christian Kurts
Dr Adam Uldrich

Marc Rigau Coltal is currently investigating how the immune system works to innovate current medical treatments. Although his background is diverse, he adapts with ease and always likes to problem-solve crucial questions.

Initially, Marc gained electro-mechanical expertise working with industry before he introduced in science. In his bachelor obtained basic knowledge in botany, zoology, and later introduced himself in a research training project to identify neuron connections in the rat brain with immunohistochemistry imaging. Next, he moved into the Arctic University of Norway to study the biology of the arctic animals and marine ecology. At the same time, he finalized a medical diploma and a long-non-coding RNA-based lab work incorporating fluorescence in situ hybridization technique. After, he moved to Munich, Germany, to persuade an MSc degree, basing his thesis on studying the heritable personal traits in a wild bird population, and acquiring talent in bioinformatics and statistics.

Marc has recently undertaken a PhD project between the universities of Melbourne (Australia) and Bonn (Germany) to research on the human immune regulation of gamma-delta T cells. His work resulted in deciphering fundamental enigmas in how these cells activate in response to antigens, leading a first author publication in Science.

At present, Marc expands research on gamma-delta T cells, investigating their role in human organoid tissues and thinking of sequencing strategies to determine single-cell genotypes. He is always interested in new projects.

Master of Science in Biology | Bachelor in Biology | Electro-mechanical technician

Research Theme:
Imaging Metabolite Mediated Immunity