PhD Student

Mechanisms underlying Clec9A mediated humoral immunity (PhD)

Supervisor’s name:

Prof. William (Bill) Heath
A/Prof. Irene Caminschi

Thiago Maass Steiner is a PhD Student in Immunology based at the Peter Doherty Institute at The University of Melbourne Node.  During Thiago’s undergraduate in Biological Sciences he was awarded two scholarships to better understand immune disorders and how they affect patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Pursuing his research in Immunology, Thiago received a scholarship to continue his studies at the University of Melbourne where he undertook an internship in the Heath Laboratory, investigating tissue-resident memory T cells in the liver and their role in malaria defence. Next, he completed a Masters in Immunology at the University of Sao Paulo which allowed him to use a range of techniques to dissect how metabolic pathways interfere with B cells and the outcome of humoral responses. For his work, Thiago received an award for his Master’s thesis excellence.

Thiago returned to the Heath Laboratory in 2018 to pursue his PhD under the Melbourne Research Scholarship. In his PhD, Thiago is primarily interested in the design of next-generation humoral vaccines.  To achieve this, he has made use of innovative antibody engineering techniques and the use of in vivo microscopy imaging, which allowed him to describe a novel cell-cell interaction.

Bachelor of Biological Sciences | Masters in Immunology

Research Theme:
In Vivo Imaging