MASSIVE onboarding

On Thursday 27 October, the MASSIVE team held an onboarding session for the Titan Krios user community. At the invitation of Professor James Whisstock and Associate Professor Georg Ramm, the workshop attracted over 20 participants from across Monash University, La Trobe University and WEHI.

Since July, a small handful of Titan Krios users have been heavily testing the system and helping the MASSIVE team tune Cryo-EM processing application suites including Relion and SIMPLE. The purpose of the workshop was to host a larger cohort of Cryo-EM users, give them a platform to discuss best practice, and for the MASSIVE team to gain feedback directly from the people using the system.

MASSIVE team members Wojtek Goscinski, Paul McIntosh and Lance Wilson introduced the M3 system, its unique capabilities, and the process for onboarding. Josh Hardy and Frederic Bonnet from Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences introduced their work on M3, their application performance on the system and their early stage outcomes.

Workshop attendees heard about the different mechanisms available to access Cryo-EM processing tools for both new and expert users, and the way data is moved to M3 from the Titan Krios.

The M3 system is dedicated to Titan Krios processing and neuroimaging until 1 March 2017.

The Early Adopters phase will continue for a few more months as the system is stabilised and the number of software tools supported grows. Initial benchmarking has shown that a full dataset can be processed in less than three days with further benchmarking showing class-leading performance.

Since the onboarding session in October, 15 new Titan Krios users have signed up for an account. Future events are planned in December 2016 and early next year to continue helping users on the new system.

For further information or access as an Early Adopter Titan Krios user, please email