MP Steve Dimopoulos visits CoE

A visit from MP Steve Dimopoulos provided an opportunity to discuss the future of imaging and research linkages.

A Member for Oakleigh, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Parliament of Victoria and a Monash University alumnus, Steve visited the CoE at Monash University today, and was hosted by Centre Director Prof James Whisstock.

He was taken on a tour of the Centre for Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM),  a leading research facility for biological electron microscopy, where he met researchers and saw one of Australia’s most powerful microscopes.  Head of the Centre, Dr Georg Ramm greeted Steve, and explained how the microscope allows scientists to see the most intricate details of proteins, which enables researchers to understand protein function in disease.

“It’s the most exciting time to be a biological scientist, a revolutionary time to be a structural biologist and we have world class facilities on our doorstep,” Prof Whisstock explained to the MP.

After the tour was an opportunity to discuss imaging and future linkages between hospitals and other research facilities.

“Your enthusiasm is contagious, and the future of imaging research in this precinct is exciting,” the MP said.

Steve was also welcomed to Monash University by Mr Paul Sabo, Deputy Director Government Relations, Office of DVC (Enterprise).

Steve Dimopoulos

MP Mr Steve Dimopoulos meets Prof James Whisstock and Dr Georg Ramm