2020 Student E-Poster Session

The Imaging CoE Poster Session is moving online! 

Our yearly event dedicated to Imaging CoE students aims to showcase their research and talent. This year the Centre will host an online forum for students to exchange scientific knowledge and practice their communications skills. This is an internal and closed competition.

Students are invited to pitch their research in five minutes, followed by two minutes question time. Presentations are to be delivered in a language that is appropriate to the interdisciplinary Imaging CoE audience. 

CIs, lab heads and senior researchers – please attend and support your Young Investigators, even if you can only join for a session or two!

Winners will be awarded $2,500 (1st place), $1,500 (2nd place) and $500 (3rd place). 

In addition, all winners will be invited to a follow-up personalised coaching session with a member of the Imaging CoE International Scientific Advisory Committee or industry experts from across Australia’s medical, technology, biotechnology pharmaceutical and digital health sector. 

Important Dates

1-20 November 2020: Applications open
By 27 November 2020: Program confirmed
1-3 December: Virtual Poster Presentations
14 December 2020: Announcement of Winners
By 31 March 2021: All funds spent
By 31 July 2021: Activity complete

Eligibility and conditions

  • Only 2020 Imaging CoE postgraduate students can apply (Master and PhD). 
  • Abstracts and presentation content must be reviewed and approved by supervisors. 
  • Applications must be complete and in the requested format.  Late entries will not be accepted. 
  • Presentations will be recorded for assessment purposes. Recordings will not be made public. 
  • Award funds need to be spent prior to the Imaging CoE end date (31 March 2021).
  • Eligible expenditure: Award funds can be used for a broad range of items and activities that directly support the research project and/or career development of the student: Personnel (e.g. expert services, consultancy), travel and accommodation, access to national and international research platforms and facilities, software, conference registrations, training and technical workshops, science communication projects
  • A brief report (max 600 words) must be submitted to the Imaging CoE. 

Application Form

Attachment 1: Please attach your abstract (max. 1 page) in PDF format.

Attachment 2: Please attach your presentation slides (max 5 slides). On the first slide clearly state: your name, your University and your presentation title. Your slides must be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint, formatted in widescreen 16:9.

Preparing your talk

  • Format your Microsoft PowerPoint slide in widescreen 16:9 to optimise viewing on Zoom.
  • Ensure text and figures are clearly legible.
  • You will be allocated a seven minutes time slot, five minutes for your presentations and two minutes for questions.  Timing will be strict, so practice your talk! 
  • You will be presenting to a multidisciplinary audience and panel, so pitch your presentation accordingly. 

On the day

  • A link to the Zoom Webinar session will be emailed to you ahead of time.
  • All speakers must join the session from the start. 
  • A Session Chair will welcome you, moderate the session and introduce all speakers.  
  • You will share the presentation from your own computer. Please have your presentation open and ready for screen share. 
  • Once introduced and promoted by the Session Chair, you will share your presentation via screen share. Your time will start now.   
  • A timer will be used to ensure that all speakers get 5 minutes to present. Notification will be given 30 seconds before the 5 minutes is up. If you have not finished within the time allotted will be kindly asked to stop your presentation. 
  • At the conclusion of your presentation, there will be up to 2 minutes for questions. Questions will be submitted via Zoom Chat and moderated by the Session Chair. 
  • In case you experience technical difficulties with your presentation, the Session Chair can share your slides. 
  • Both content and communication matter! A panel will be assessing your presentation across four criteria, (1) impact, (2) content, (3) visual (4) oral. 

Assessment Criteria 

(1) Impact

  • Does this research have the potential to make a novel contribution to the field?
  • Does the presenter understand the importance of this potential contribution?
  • Does the presenter indicate they understand how this research fits into the overall field?

(2) Content

  • Are the components of the presentation organized in a logical flow?
  • Do the findings support the conclusions?
  • Does the presentation keep in mind a multidisciplinary audience? 

 (3) Visual

  • Is the presentation visually engaging? 
  • Are the components of the presentation balanced across the space?
  • Are text and graphics legible?

(4) Oral: 

  • Does the presenter speak clearly and distinctly?
  • Does the presenter show enthusiasm about their topic?
  • Does the presenter sufficiently explain the presentation and answer questions best possible within the time frame?

*If you have any issues with the form or questions about the application please contact Juliana at Juliana.villa-ortiz@monash.edu