Physics Symposium – 16.1

Following the success of our 2015 program, all members of the Centre for Advanced Molecular Imaging are invited to the first Physics Symposium for 2016. We are…

Jul 23rd Monash Medicine @Monash_FMNHS

RT @Monash_FMNHS: How does our immune system fight off bacteria? Tune in to @einstein_agogotomorrow to hear from our PhD candidate Brad Spi…

Jul 21st Imaging CoE @ImagingCoE

#ACOLAInnovation report out. It confirms our future needs a diversely skilled & integrative workforce. @ACOLA_Aus

Jul 20th Dr Krystal @dr_krystal

RT @dr_krystal: "The case for innovation should explain what innovation actually achieves for people" - which is a lot actually https://t.c

Jul 13th Imaging CoE @ImagingCoE

Startup success stories must bring a warm & fuzzy feeling to our friends @monashGENERATOR

Jul 13th Imaging CoE @ImagingCoE

Squishiness, pies & #cancer? Find out how they're linked w @RadioNational Science Show & Amy Rowat from @UCLA