Welcome to the list of Imaging CoE publications. These publications feature our Chief Investigators, Associate Investigators, Partner Investigators, Post Docs and PhD Students from our centre.


Latest Publications

Broadband x-ray ptychography

Filed under: Atomic Imaging
Published: AIP Conference Proceedings, 9 Feb 2016
Author: S. R. R. Pradier, G. van Riessen, G. A. Cadenazzi, E. Balaur, B. Abbey and H. M. Quiney

Structure of the poly-C9 component of the Complement Membrane Attack complex

Filed under: Effector Function
Published: Nature Communications, 5 Feb 2016
Author: Natalya V. Dudkina, Bradley A. Spicer, Cyril F. Reboul, Paul J. Conroy, Natalya Lukoyanova, Hans Elmlund, Ruby H.P. Law, Susan M. Ekkel, Stephanie C. Kondos, Robert J.A. Goode, Georg Ramm, James C. Whisstock, Helen R. Saibil, Michelle A. Dunstone