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Paper: A molecule with more to say in autoimmune diseases

Media Release Phospholipids – fat molecules that form the membranes found around cells – are highly abundant, but when it comes to autoimmune diseases, their role has largely been overlooked. Recent research has pointed

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New Imaging CoE Operations Team

This month, we bid farewell to our long serving and respected Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Manoj Sridhar who has taken up a new career direction in management consulting. Manoj started with the Centre since

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Finding the Future of Chemistry Leadership

Establishing a prosperous career path in science is often underpinned by not just the opportunities given, but the opportunities taken. When Dr Jeffrey Mak, Imaging CoE postdoctoral researcher in Prof. David Fairlie’s lab (University

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Feeling Itchy? Inflammation could be scratched out

A team of researchers from Imaging CoE at the University of Queensland (UQ) has discovered an important clue to new medicines for treating inflammatory diseases, including allergies such as rhinitis, itchy hives, eczema/dermatitis, asthma and

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Eyes on: European XFEL

Imaging CoE CI’s, Dr Brian Abbey and Professor Keith Nugent from La Trobe University will be amongst the first scientists in the world to run experiments at the world’s most powerful X-ray Laser facility

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Completion of ARC mid-term review

The Imaging CoE had its mid-term review by the Australian Research Council (ARC) on 29 June 2017. An independent, external panel chaired by ARC Executive Director, Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences, Prof Therese Jefferson

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Every Minute Counts for New Collaboration

An Imaging CoE scientist had just 15 minutes to put his ideas across to a new audience – a room of Monash mathematicians. But it paid off, with new ideas from different areas helping our research.

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