CI A/Prof Brian Abbey, holds the $30,000 cheque

CI A/Prof Brian Abbey, together with AI Dr Eugeniu Balaur, have won the MedTech’s Got Talent 2018 national prize for their NanoMSlide, an instant unambiguous cellular diagnosis platform that enables instant, definitive diagnosis of disease.

The researchers are from the Centre’s Latrobe University Node. They received the top prize and $30,000 from the competition, which is Australia’s largest medical device accelerator program.

“We are thrilled to win this prize and money. It will help fast-track the commercialisation of our imaging technology, providing a novel platform for detecting disease,” said A/Prof Abbey.

MedTech’s Got Talent is a unique entrepreneurship challenge supporting emerging entrepreneurs to develop and refine skills in pitching a business concept, developing a technology roadmap and launching commercialisation activities for their medical technology innovations. There is no charge to participate, and participants tap into real resources (money, expertise, network) to ideally position themselves for start-up success.

Congratulations Brian and Eugeniu!

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Dr Eugeniu Balaur holds the $30,000 cheque.