A physicist abroad

Imaging CoE postdoc Daniel Langley spent a week in sunny California working with a team of scientists from around the world.

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Contactless Trampoline

Imaging CoE AI Steve Lee, from the Australian National University, published a paper in Biomedical Optics Express that lays out an all optical particle delivery system for use in XFEL experiments. Here, Steve explains the paper, the physics and the contactless trampoline to us.

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Broadband x-ray ptychography

Okay, so you all know me as the Imaging CoE’s media and communications/public relations person. But, not all of you know that I was a physicist with Centre CI’s Harry Quiney and Brian Abbey at both the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University nodes.

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Exploring the frontiers of nano-imaging

Metallic nanoparticles are among the smallest particles in existence – measuring 1-100 nanometres, where each nanometre is a millionth of a millimetre. Associate Professor Hans Elmlund from Monash University, and collaborators in the US

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