Virus vs Host — an evolutionary arms race

MELBOURNE, TUESDAY APRIL 4, 2017: Imaging CoE scientists have solved a 40-year old mystery and shed light on an evolutionary arms race played out between cytomegalovirus (CMV) and the immune system. Human CMV, also known

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Hans Elmlund on ABC Radio, Health Report

The drug eculizumab costs half a million dollars per patient per year. It’s used to treat rare diseases in which your immune system turns against you, and destroys red blood cells. A team of

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Caught on camera: the first glimpse of powerful nanoparticles

MELBOURNE, TUESDAY 16 JUNE 2015: Slab through the 3D reconstruction of particle 1 along the vertical plane with tentative atomic positions indicated. ABC repeats of {111} planes are visible. The Imaging CoE announces an all-new and

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