The Imaging CoE is administered by Monash University with day-to-day operations managed by the core administrative team including the Centre Director, Professor James Whisstock; Chief Operating Officer, Annette Wittmann; Snr Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Juliana Villa; Project Manager (Science Communication), Amanda Hamilton. Operations are further supported by dedicated administrators at each node.


Centre Executive

The Centre Executive oversees the general management and operations of the Centre across the five collaborating nodes. Meeting on a monthly basis, the Executive has a proactive approach to discussing and solving issues arising on scientific, financial and commercial terms. Led by the Centre Director, the Centre Executive comprises of the core administrative team, Deputy Director Prof Katharina Gaus, Prof Harry Quiney (Outreach officer), Prof Dale Godfrey (Mentorship officer) and Prof David Fairlie (Commercialisation officer).

International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

The ISAC gives independent advice to the Director on the positioning of the Centre with respect to new research directions, international outreach and industry linkage opportunities. The committee meets on an annual basis and conveys its findings to the Governing Board for consideration and action.

ISAC membership:

  • Prof Jeff Errington (Chair) – University of Newcastle, UK
  • Prof Volker Saile – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Prof Jose Maria Carazo – Spanish National Center for Biotechnology
  • Prof Thomas Kay – St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research
  • Prof Mike Dunne – Stanford University
  • Prof Ilme Schlichting – Max Planck Institute for Medical Research
  • Prof Cait MacPhee – The University of Edinburgh
  • Prof. Yvonne Jones – University of Oxford

Governing Board

The Governing Board is at the pinnacle of the Centre’s governance structure. Meeting on a biannual basis, the Board’s role is to ensure fiscal compliance, good research practice and alignment of activities with respect to the goals of the Centre. The Board also provides strategic advice with regards to scientific research directions, commercialisation and industry linkage opportunities, and outreach and advocacy issues.

Governing Board membership:

  • Prof Frances Shannon (Chair) – University of Canberra
  • Prof Ian Smith – Monash University
  • Dr Erol Harvey – Bionics Institute Australia
  • Mr Ben Apted – Strategic Project Partners