Physics Symposium

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Start Date: 5 July 2019 - 9:30 am
End Date: 5 July 2019 - 4:30 pm
Venue: Laby Theatre, University of Melbourne (Room L108)

University of Melbourne will be running the first Imaging CoE Physics Symposium for 2019.
With the special participation of CIs, Assoc.Prof. Brian Abbey (Theme 1 overview) and Prof. Harry Quiney (Theme 2 overview)

Centre PhD students and Post-docs presenting:
Andrew Morgan (UoM): The low-signal limit of X-ray single particle diffractive imaging
Nadia Zatsepin (LTU): Development of native SAD phasing in serial millisecond crystallography
Shan Kou (LTU): Seeing the unseen – quantitative imaging methods for biomedical studies
Viona Yokhana (LTU): Contrast enhanced X-ray tomography via energy-resolved photon counting detectors
Daniel Wells (UoM): Wigner Function Interpretation of High-Harmonic Generation
Majid Hejazian (LTU): Fabrication of a microfluidic mixing and jetting delivery device for synchrotron and XFEL experiments
Alex Kozlov (UoM): Modal Decomposition of Optical Coherence

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