Our centre has a commitment to the communication of science. Our vision is to create a body of information about the scientific work of the Centre that demonstrates the power of interdisciplinary science and develops strong community links, including with secondary schools.

International Student Science Fair

The International Student Science Fair (ISSF) was hosted in 2015 by John Monash Science School. Our Centre contributed to the ISSF by providing hands on experience in an authentic reserach environment. CI Harry Quiney devised the program for the day which spanned immunology, biology, computation, theory and experiment – download notes from the day.

Science Communication

For the last 18 months we have been producing short three to five minute video interviews with our investigators about their reserach for dissemination to the general public as well as to our stakeholders in government and industry. These videos are found in our monthly eNewsletters and our website.

John Monash Science School

The JMSS is the focus of our student scientist outreach relationship. The co-location of JMSS on the Monash campus provides a strategic advantage to the delivery of scientific outreach and education programs. The CoE and JMSS plan to develop an education module within the VCE curriculum that will allow students to enjoy reserach based experience and to develop communication skills. Inspiring them to continue with a career in the sciences.

Growing Tall Poppies

Two of the Imaging CoE CIs are on the advisory committee of Growing Tall Poppies and contributed to its conception and development. GTP is an educational research initiative developing a pedagogy for the effective promotion of science in secondary schools and in particular the retention of girls into physical and mathematical sciences. Several of the Imaging CoE physics PhD students – from La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne — have been student mentors in the GTP program.