Science and Engineering for NSW Prosperity and beyond

Science and Engineering for NSW Prosperity and beyond
June 13, 2020 No Comments » Uncategorised Carol

In this episode I speak with NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer Prof Durrant-Whyte, who explains his role.

Promoting STEM through funding and presentations like this one is one part of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer’s job. Hugh also provides evidence-based policy advice to ministers, on a diverse range of topics, including controversial issues like water management and horses in the Kosciuszko National Park. Here Hugh insists on his independence and his strong reliance on external experts to make scientific recommendations. Secondly, the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer Office distributes funding mainly to universities, including to promote translational research outcomes. Finally, Hugh talks about his role in assisting NSW with industry strategy, in collaboration with the Government.

Interestingly, Hugh talks about the opportunities for universities to collaborate more tightly and naturally, together and with industry. Because of his scientific and technical knowledge and experience, and appreciation for other political and economical forces, the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer plays a major ‘connector’ role in forming partnerships and attracting large companies, investors, Defence, venture capitalists and start-ups. Importantly, Hugh’s office creates the environment and enables young researchers and engineers to do their best.

At the end of the day, I believe there is a real opportunity for researchers and scientists to engage with Government, Industry and large companies to build translational research, future economic and social outcomes and ‘prosperity’ for NSW and beyond.

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