How and why build a new Medical Research Institute?

How and why build a new Medical Research Institute?
May 16, 2020 No Comments » Uncategorised Carol

I interviewed Darryl Harkness, the CEO of the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research to find out why and how the Ingham Institute was created in this competitive environment. 

In October 2012, the Ingham Institute came to life in Sydney’s South West with massive generous support from Mr Bob Ingham AO and his family. The Ingham Institute is now one of the 55 Medical Research Institutes in Australia.

A major goal of the Ingham Institute is to perform world-class translational research that benefits the local community. I asked Darryl how he defines and measures world-class research, how the institute attracts top researchers and how research can solve local health challenges. 

Interestingly, the Ingham Institute is also very open to the public and invites members of the community to engage with basic researchers and clinicians, ask questions and directly help shape the research. The Institute also brings local business and government leaders and donors to support and connect with the research and make a local impact. 

Finally Darryl shares his vision for the future of the Ingham Institute and the multi-billion dollar redevelopment plan to enable Liverpool to become a competitive and innovative health precinct. In the next few years, we will see major capabilities and innovation in Liverpool not only in medical research, but also clinical trials, commercialisation and robotics…

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