How to create a big business from early-stage research?

How to create a big business from early-stage research?
May 10, 2020 No Comments » Uncategorised Carol

For us, great research can create a very big business that we can sell for $100M in 5-7 years


In this episode, Natasha Rawlings introduces Uniseed, an early-stage deep-technology investment fund, its role and partners. Natasha explains what she sees as great research and how she finds it to create big businesses that do good in the world. She discusses why and how Uniseed invests in early-stage research and what the expectations are. 

Natasha receives 300 disclosures every year and gives some tips on how to get funded. She explains when and how to pitch to a seed investment committee; how to de-risk an early-stage business and what role the founders may play. 

Finally, Natasha also talks about impact in ‘her world’ and how investors regard and rank impact. Despite the importance of the financial return, Natasha is passionate about research and ‘researchers at universities who are tuned to make a difference to the world… and are interested in change and doing good.’ She also discusses when researchers might be great business people or why it is sometimes better to bring other people to the team. 

Natasha is one of the most engaging and honest startup investors I have ever met!! Her experience and insights must be heard!! 

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