Can all research be useful and create an impact?

Can all research be useful and create an impact?
May 3, 2020 No Comments » Uncategorised Carol

In this fifth episode, I talk with Erin Rayment, Executive Director, Industry Engagement at the Queensland University of Technology and Current Chair of Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia.

My conversation with Erin Rayment was truly amazing. Tune in if you want to hear Erin explain what is useful research; what is research commercialisation; how to create an impact; or how to quantify research impact.

Erin talks about her work at QUT and how she brings together governments, researchers and industry to engage, collaborate and create an outcome with impact in communities. We discuss how Australian research performs in terms of industry engagement at an international level. Finally, Erin shares tips to engage with researchers, industries, grow teams, find good partners, build capabilities and add value!!

‘All research is useful but it is useful to different audiences’

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