How researchers make a difference to the world?

How researchers make a difference to the world?
April 19, 2020 No Comments » Uncategorised Carol

In this episode, Prof Eric Knight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research – Enterprise & Engagement) at the University of Sydney and Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Sydney Business School, talks about academic research and its impact, including the work of Nobel Prize winner Steven Chu. Eric explains why academics make a difference in their job and what universities should do to allow their best talents to take risks and have an impact. 

Eric and I discuss the mission of the University, why we do Research, what makes Australian research and talents attractive to local and international organisations, and whether Australian universities need to transform the nature of leadership. Importantly, Eric offers innovative ideas and approaches to promote risky, impactful and excellent research. 

Eric is a fascinating speaker and optimistic leader!

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